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Franky's Page
Franky was a barn baby,  a sweet little back and white
kitten that would 'stalk' my daughter when she was looking
after her horse Ben.  Well he was sooo sweet that she brought
him home, in spite of my protests that we didn't need another cat in the
house!  My daughter kept insisting he was such a smart and friendly kitten
and that he'd be good company and liven things up for
Squeeker ( she's a 'couch potato' sort of cat).
So that's how we got Franky.
Off to the Vet he went and the Vet said, ...BARN CAT! if Franky
smelled bad.  He was de-mited and de-, oh well, we  won't go into
that here, but he can home a clean little boy.
Franky is a real little personality, he's so gentle, nosey and friendly.
Squeeker is happiest when he isn't around tho'.  He's made her dull life
miserable at times, tormenting her with his playfulness, until she
reaches her limit and turns on him, a ball of fury.  Occasionally they
are caught taking a nap together or washing each others ears, but
those brief moments of camaraderie are few and far between.  Most
of the time they are tying to figure out who is getting the most
attention ...pure sibling rivalry!!
So, meet Franky and let him tell you all about himself!
My baby photo! Wasn't I CUTE!
Here I am, just a little guy, playing house with a mouse, love those catnip mice I can rip 'em to shreds really fast!
Let me tell you, it took 2 of 'em, they gave
me a BATH, @*#%# clean freaks and you know something, they haven't tried it again!!
I just love these things my Humans carry around, they are always full of such yummy treats....I try to taste them all,
I usually have to do it when they aren't looking.
Would you believe I found a TREE in the house and it was covered
with Cat TOYS!  Hey, no one is looking so I'll show you one ....see!
Yes, to Franky life is an adventure to be enjoyed,
I guess it should be to all of us!
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