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Meet Squeeker, we rescued her from the SPCA in Feb. 1997, she
was a VERY sick kitty. I fed her by hand with a syringe for
almost a month. My Sister-in-law at this point, was suggesting I
get into a 'cat suit' to try and get her to eat normally. I would whirl
up cat food in the blender and wrap her up like a baby to feed
her. One day, she suddenly regained her appetite and ate 1/2 a can of
cat food from the syringe then actually started to eat on her own. 
Now she 'smacks her lips and chews' when she is hungry and she was sooo
skinny that I fed her every time she smacked we are
both on a diet!! I didn't mean to make her so fat, suddenly she was!
She loves to sit beside me when I'm on the computer, something  about
cats and computers. But you know, she has never quite forgiven
us for getting Franky, the competition between them is extreme! It's
just like watching two jealous little kids, the range of emotions
shown by those two cats is quite amazing!
Animals definately have feelings.
Smart Cat, when it's hot, she finds a Fan!

Squeeker is a Lynx Point Siamese, we think she's about 4 yr. old.

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