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This is a list of links to Food Service Recipes,
Links to various Food Companies or Marketing Boards who 
have posted larger quantity recipes
on line for professional 
cooks and
others to access.

Each business is staking their reputation
on it's recipes these recipes should be great!

So if you are still looking for more recipes after
visiting 'Growlies for Groups', explore the MANY links below!

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Potatoes Idaho Potato recipes most for 12 servings.
Potatoes  Maine Potato Board, recipes for 50
Potatoes Washington State Potato Growers
Potatoes More potato recipes
Instant Potato and Beans  from Basic American Foods recipes for 50
Yams & Spinach, and beans Allen Canning Co. recipes using canned products
Asparagus California Asparagus Board 

Sweet Potatoes a page with links to lots of recipes
Vegetables  Norpak lots of fresh veggies recipes to download


Turkey National Turkey Federation, WOW! Lots of great recipes
Chicken & other Recipes Tyson food service recipes 24-50 size range.
Beef Recipes many food service recipes by category 

Fruit and Nuts:
Fig Recipes California Figs, really large recipes for industrial baking and cooking
Avocado Recipes California Avocados, food service recipes but not too large.
Canned Peaches recipes for California canned peaches 50 & 100 serv.
Watermelon Watermelon Promotion Board
Strawberry Recipes California Strawberry Commission, a doz. recipes for 24 people.
Apricots Apricot Producers of California, 6 recipes up to 100 servings.
Grapes California Grapes, a nice variety of recipes
Blueberry Recipes  Blueberry Council Recipes
Florida Citrus Recipes from Salads to Meatballs using citrus fruits.
Almonds  Almond Growers, various recipes 
Blue Diamond Almonds Several Food service recipes
Raisins California Raisins, recipes for 80 servings 

Baking and Baking Formulas:
(how to use a baking formula)

 Walnut Recipes California Walnuts, mostly large baking recipes
Hazelnuts Oregon Growlers, formulas for baking
Cargill Foods Bakers Formulas, quite a few
Baking Formulas Baking Masters, lots of formulas 
Baking Formulas Pastry Chef Central, pizza, rolls and much more 
Baking Formulas CAIMI misc. formulas
Baking Formulas Gold Medal Mixes, misc. formulas
Baking Formulas from the Pastry Whiz!
Croissants a recipe to make real croissants
Baking Formulas Baking Business formula exchange, many formulas
Bread Formulas Dover Flour Mills, a bakers doz. of recipes
Bakers Exchange Half a dozen formulas
General Mills Flour  Many bread and baked goods formulas
Flax Bread Formulas  Flaxseed Council of Canada 3 recipes
Gold Medal Mixes General Foods recipes using mixes
 Chocolate Recipes
Hershey's, just a few recipes here.
Blueberry Formulas  baking with blueberries recipes for 100 or so 
Bakery Formulas  Progressive Baker, breads and pastries 
Rich's  Topping and dessert recipes

for Children:

 School Recipes school challenge I
Kids Meals institutional recipes for schools healthy meals

Beef Recipes many food service  and school recipes by category 

Dairy: see ethnic for cheeses
Eggs  American Egg Board, recipes to serve 24

Honey & Sweets:
Honey 40 recipes with a golden touch, also avail. to download.

Seafood & Fish:
3 recipes using 'sealegs' products
Shrimp recipes for 12 and 24, Ore-Cal Seafood
Fish Alaska Seafood, large quantity recipes

Grains & Vegetarian:

Canned Beans 9 recipes for 25 & 50 servings, kidney, pinto etc.
Rice Riceland Foods, 5 recipes for 50 -100 servings

Rice US Rice recipes

Rice California Rice recipes
Beans & Rice Indian Harvest, small and large recipes including a vegetarian burger
Soy Enhanced Meals United Soya Bean Board, 8 large main meal recipes
Soy Product Recipes, A variety of recipes using soy products
 Vegetarian 3 recipes to serve 100 and possibly more recipes
Soy Product Recipes 3 recipes for 25 servings
Soups From Cornell University, Vegetarian Soups for 100, 2 doz. recipes.


Italian Polly-o Cheese, several recipes for 50 servings
Mediterranean Lindsay Olives, lots of recipes for 24 servings 
Tomatoes & Pasta 3 recipes for 24 servings pasta with sauces

Variety Pack:

Spices Tones foodservice Recipes
Variety French's Mustard, over 100 recipes 24 servings and recipes are adjustable
Canola Oil Recipes Canadian Canola Information, a few recipes for 50 & 100.
Various Recipes Keebler Products, small but interesting selection.
Variety McCormicks Spices, recipes for 24
Variety recipes for 25 servings
Variety from  Sysco Foodservice recipes for 24
Variety  Recipes for 100 from Food Services of America, 20 recipes
Variety  US Foodservice, recipes using various products (also restaurant design)
Variety Gordon Food Service, from 1-50 servings
Variety Panasonic, recipes to use with their professional equipment.
2 recipes using Reynolds Foil
Variety Tabasco recipes, even in desserts! 
Variety Bread, Focaccia and soup recipes Star Tribune 
another link one day soon :-)

 LARGE Recipes: 
More Magnificent Collections 

Growlies for Groups  sections for 50 servings and 100+ servings
Custom Catering's Recipes Tons of BIG recipes, 18 gal. of jambalaya too
Foodservice Recipes 1200 recipes to serve 100
Fifty Plus Friends large recipes many serving over 100
Shelter Recipes 8 recipes for both 50 & 100 servings from U of Maine
Unichef  foodservice recipes
Meals for You  instantly adjustable on-line for up to 100 servings
Cafe Creosote instantly adjustable on-line for up to 40 servings
Cooking for a Crowd several larger recipes and tips
Ellen's Kitchen recipes for 25-50 and lots of tips, some breakfasts


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