Picnics & BBQ's

Bar Bar BQ ooooo for Youoooo   

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Sauces & Sides:

Fresh Lemonade Grilled Veggies Teriyaki Sauce and Marinade Company Baked Beans
Joe's BBQ Sauce   Apple Ginger Chicken Marinade Grilled Bananas or Peaches
    Pork and Beef Marinades (2)  


Take along Dishes: 

Sloppy Joes Classic Potato Salad Greek Salad Overnight Deli Delight Salad
Chilled "Fried" Chicken Apple Pie Squares Super Subs Jalapeno Roll ups
Texas Caviar Pineapple Salsa Beverages More Salads


Hot-off-the-Grill Dishes:

Peachy Pork Roast Special BBQ'd Salmon Marinated Beef Roast Bourbon Street Steak
  Chicken Kabobs (4) Newspaper Fish BBQ'd Provencal Roast of Beef Southern Style Ribs
  Tropical Seafood Kabobs Beef Satay on skewers