Salad Bar Salad

9 lb. salad greens, chopped into bit sized pieces
7 c. croutons
6 c. carrots, grated
3 c. red onions, diced
6 c. tomatoes dices
6 c. mixed sweet red, green, orange and yellow bell peppers
3 long English cucumbers, cut in half lengthwise and sliced
 other veggies of your choice

Diced ham, cheese, kidney beans, shrimp, hardboiled eggs (your choice)

9 lbs. of mixed salad greens  =  50 1 c. servings.
6 c. of diced veggies, meats or beans  =  50  2-Tbsp. servings

Put greens in large bowl with other items in smaller bowls.  Let people help themselves, 
or for more control, serve 'Cafeteria' style where someone put what 
they request onto their plates.   

NOTE:  There is a large country fair here each fall.  One of the most popular food booths
just sells "Haystacks", great big plates of mouthwatering salads!  
They make it for you and start off a base of greens and add a whole
 variety of other salad veggies and beans of your choice
but no protein other than the beans, then top it off with a 
dressing of your choice....Awesome!




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