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Elegant Afternoon Wedding for 105

Nancy from Vancouver Washington, created a very elegant wedding for her Stepdaughter.  She thoroughly planned,  practiced and prepared.  Nancy did the decorating, arranged the flowers, made the favors and cooked the fabulous food as well as doing many extra special things for the lucky Bride and Groom.

Nancy has been good enough to share her tips, tricks, recipes and notes with those visiting Growlies.    

Nancy has catered several parties for people at work and friends,
 she has had some prior experience in handling a large volume of food.

The wedding was at 3 p.m.  The reception followed in the same building  and was over at 6:30 in the evening.
They did have a DJ and dancing too.

Welcome to the wedding! ....

The perfect setting, note the flowers and pew bows

  The ceremony with flowers in background

Beautiful setting outside and Rolls Silver Cloud Limo!

And the inside, so pretty!

Beautifully decorated buffet table with wonderful tidbits and treats. Bar in the background.

Half the Buffet. Mini cheese cakes, Chicken salad croissants, eggs, cheese ball like a wedding cake.

Floral centerpiece in an everyday planter, wow! More of the buffet, fruit, veggies and nuts.

Bar dressed  in tablecloths, bottles of cider with special wedding labels.


On to Nancy's notes and recipes!