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Welcome to:

Self Catering Help 
for the 
Do-it-Yourself Wedding Reception, 
Party or Church Dinner!


Wedding Reception Help: Buffet Formula 20-50 Appetizer Amounts
Feeding a Crowd Tips Buffet Formula 100-150 Beverage Amounts
Safe Food Handling Buffet Decor tips and Photos Amounts to Serve 100
Party Food Ideas Party Check List Caterers Connections
More Tips and Game Links Hog Roast, Clam Bake Links Party Planning Board
Cold Buffet 100 Menu    

Great "Been there done that" Tips!

Wedding for 120 Feeding 100 for $100.00 Fish Fry
Wedding for 125 Retirement Luncheon 60 Spaghetti Dinner 
Afternoon Wedding 105 Wedding Cakes Open House for 100

Links to help you plan a self catered 
Wedding Reception
(or other event)


Sensible Choices!   

How can I  be sensible when I'm IN LOVE??

Number of guests - try to set realistic and reasonable limits, 
it's easier to self cater 100 people than 300 people (more than 150 is very difficult)

Make your own invitations or go directly to a small printer for a quote.

Decide on a Budget and purchase the food to fit the budget,
 serve ham instead of lobster!

Make your own wine.

Purchase a bottle or two of liquor each payday.

Choose the reception hall with the 
best kitchen available.
Keep the menu simple, save the fancy ideas
 for more intimate dinners. 

Arrange with friends and family for extra 
refrigeration space.

Create a detailed list of things to be prepared 
along with a realistic time frame.

Check your local Party Rental place for extra serving dishes 

and table covers for the buffet table, or shop dollar stores 
looking for large platters and bowls.

Plan on purchasing a supply of pretty paper plates, 
plastic glasses, napkins etc., this cuts down on cost and cleanup, 
you can purchase in bulk case lots if needed. 

  Use ivy, candles, white mini lights and potted plants 
(even color coordinated petunias and impatients 
- just plan ahead) for decorations. 

Book your reception hall for a Sunday, it's cheaper, 
and maybe you can arrange for Sat. decorations at a
 bargain (my niece did, and it was beautiful)

You can't do if all yourself, get volunteers and
 some paid help

* indicates information pages found on Growlies.

Logistics of Feeding a Crowd
(one of the biggest problems is fridge and stove space)
~Feeding a Crowd Tips*
Wedding Mints *   
Food Safety  * 
~Appetizers for a Crowd Tips 
Salad Tips
~Party Tips 
~Party Ideas * everything from a Dessert Buffet to a Pot luck dinner 
~Mistakes to avoid!
Food  and Beverage Quantities
~Amounts to Feed 100*
~Buffet Formulas *
~Cheese, Meat Veggie Platter Amounts *
~Hors D' Oeuvres Reception for 225 
~Cheese for a Crowd  
~Fruit and Vegetable weight amounts  
~Cocktail Party Calculator 
~Punch Bar, it's a good thing!
~Bar and Beverage Guide* 
~Bar Guide for 100, USA Bride 
~Stocking the Bar Tips, USA Bride 
~Bartenders Handbook
Table Decor
(simple tricks to make food look fabulous)
~Buffet Table Decorating* 
~Buffet Table Set up
~Photos of Tables   
~Center Piece tips  
~Candle Center Pieces
~Banquet  Handbook  
~Center Pieces  
~ Decorating with Tulle 
~ Flower arranging 101
Similar Events
("Been there, Done That" pages)
~Open House for 100  *  
~Afternoon Wedding for 105  *  
~Cold Wedding Buffet for 120  * 
~Hors D' Oeuvres Reception for 225 
~Hors D' Oeuvres for 100  
~MANY Party Themes; not weddings
Wedding Cakes
How to make your own
(very easy, elegant cake for
a small wedding - 10 inch layer topped with a bundt cake, insert plastic straws to hold cakes together.
 Frost as desired; then fill bundt cake hole with small vase of fresh flowers!)

~Cakes  & and 100 cake photos 
~ Traditional fruit cake * and here *
~How to cut a wedding cake  
~ Cake Yields, pan sizes 
~ How pillars work
~Tiered Cake recipe 
~Decorating Tiered Cake 
~3 layer, flowers, no pillars 
~Chocolate Mousse Cake
~How to decorate a wedding cake table
Wedding  Specials -  Crafts, Decor etc.


~Crafts and decor  
~Wedding Crafts links 
~Wedding Craft Forum 
~Wedding Crafts
~Wedding Music 
~Floral Bows 
~Beautiful Ribbon Bows 
~Wedding Flowers 
~Budget Savers  
~More Budget Tricks 

~Linen Guide- sizes 
~Party Rental Items & Photos - ideas
~Flowers, how to do your own 
~Tent, make a tulle Tent!
~Reception flow
(great inspirations)
~Platters *
Quantity Recipes 
Other sites with adjustable  or large recipes
~Make your own Wedding Mints
Recipes to Serve 100 *  
~Recipes to Serve 50 *
~Meals for You  Adjustable recipes, but not always make ahead, however this site can give you the idea of quantities needed.
~Kitchen Witches A large number of recipes each showing the amounts for 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150 servings
~Home Cooking for a Crowd Tips and Recipes
~Food Service Recipes Links * over 100 links to larger recipes 

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